About Lilian

Lilian Chavira is an award-winning entrepreneur, published author, speaker, founder of two companies but mostly, she is a passionate dreamer and a woman of faith! Originally from Mexico, she met the love of her life during college and they married three years later in El Paso, TX. She earned a Bachelor degree in Business while working in Marketing & Design. In 2004 her husband was transferred to Okemos, MI where they raised their children Daniel and Sarai. They were the inspiration to start her first business venture; a gourmet bakery “Petite Pleasures by Gellocake” that was later featured in USA Today, as well as 19 statewide, local publications and TV shows.  She was recognized as the 2009 Meridian Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by The MARC/MISBTDC in Meridian Township. Four years later Lilian found herself encouraging her amazing husband to accept a promotion that would relocate them to Frisco, TX. Lilian closed her blooming business, convinced that her family was her first priority.

Never had she thought she would let “life” pull her down to the point she could not remember who she was anymore, loosing completely the essence of the un-stoppable woman she was once. After a very dark season, a cancer-scare and surgery, she gave God her broken pieces and found in Him the courage of reinventing herself, raising again, understanding a new meaning for the words “joy” or “success” and being led by PURPOSE. Now, as the founder of “Joy In The Breakroom” Lilian wakes up every morning determined to let God shine in her despite her own flaws or surrounding circumstances. She is passionately taking “gratitude” to a new level in the corporate world while treasuring her family, committed to making a difference by leaving a legacy and humbly recognizing her mission of building-up every woman around her. She fights daily for JOY and truly believes that she is now a part of a MASTER PLAN much bigger than herself!

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